About Us

We are book reviewers and writers of major economic and market changes in the global steel and aluminium spectrum. We have been always at par with the knowledge about major developments in the industrial sector. The kind of the Industries we deal with are the steel and aluminium Industry which has proved to be the backbone of the building, construction, technological advancement and other major Industrial players in the sectors above.

We, therefore, review articles and add on the much-needed knowledge to the existing archives to allow every single industry player to be on the knowledge and a step forward in terms of the much-needed information from top global industrial players and market influencers.

We have in the past written and made comments on world steel and aluminium rates and new tariffs imposed on the said products by the United States and the effects it will have on the global steel industries and related sectors of the economy. The book people, therefore, are planning and positioning themselves on the global front towards ensuring people get the right information and that information that is relayed out there that touches the subject of steel is well delivered and that readers are able to get correct insights about the industry.